The Evolution of Healthcare

We intend to make Chiropractic the standard of healthcare, not the alternative! 

Our mission is to leverage research, Partnerships, and real world testimonials to educate the world about the health benefits of Chiropractic.

Through Premier sponsorships and educational campaigns we will drive the visibility and awareness that Chiropractic as an indispensable part of routine care plans for everyone. 

Consider this:

If a person has a routine Primary Care Physician or Dental visit why don’t they have routine Chiropractic care? We won’t ever get into any political debates on this.  The latest research on this published in an Annual Gallup-Palmer Report indicates only 14% of Americans will seek Chiropractic over the course of a year. Compare this to the fact that 54.5% will see a Physician and 65.7% of Americans will see a dentist in a year. The bottom line is the marketing and education to the public so far has created this result. We believe it’s great that 14% are already seeking Chiropractic annually, but consider a 400-500% increase in the amount of people that are connected to and know who their Primary Chiropractor is.

This is The Evolution of Healthcare!

Please consider contributing to our mission! At least 50% of all revenue we generate goes to marketing Chiropractic to the World!

Two ways to contribute: Help us Help Everyone Find Chiropractic!

1. Become a member!

  • You want more than 14% of the population to go see a Chiropractor.
  • You believe Chiropractic is more than back and neck pain relief.
  • You desire to be apart of the greatest evolution of healthcare the world has ever witnessed.


2. Use our merchant service partner who processes Billions!

  • Every single transaction supports the mass adoption of the Chiropractic model of health.
  • No matter how big or small your business is
  • At least 50% of what we generate from your business pays for marketing the message of Chiropractic for everyone. (Compare this to the banks who just collect profits and pay shareholders!)
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