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Family Health Advocacy is a directory and educational website that believes in the power of free health information to improve people’s lives. High-quality education is only half of the picture, so we added a listing to connect the right person to the right practitioner.

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Wellness Practitioner Directory

Patients search for practitioners on social media, search engines and through friends and family. By creating a free listing, you can improve the search results for your practice. Linking your profile to your website is called an inbound link and is highly recommended for SEO.

Educational Articles & Videos

Patients are searching for articles that solve their unique health issues. Our community of practitioners submit educational blog articles that change people’s lives. These articles help improve the associated practitioners presence on search engines like Bing, Google, and Duck, Duck, Go!

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Don’t have a website or are not updating it? No problem! Connect with over 80,000 followers by submitting blog articles. Family Health Advocacy is created by families for families looking for a trusted natural practitioner. Share articles through our blog and social challenges to increase your reach and presence on the web.

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Because we have created a very special algorithm for the directory, simply adding yourself to the directory and completing your setup you will benefit in the following ways:

Boost your website and blogs SEO

Start building your practice with referral services.

Improve Your Online Authority

Help clients eat, move, and think better in the comfort of their own home using cash-based services.

Increase The Exposure for Your Practice

Start building your practice with referral services.

"This system has connected us with many people who need help and are seeking a solution to their health concerns. We love the simplicity and effectiveness of the online referral program."
Drs. Dr. Bernadette and Dave Vecchio

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We are a digital wellness company focused on building large profitable businesses with you as a critical success factor in the health of the world! Multiply the increase in your business, profit, and patient results by tens of thousands of practitioners. 

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