FIT 5-40-5

Transform your body,
transform your life.

FIT 5-40-5 is a unique at-home wellness service that combines a variety of exercises, nutritional programs, and mindfulness routines. Created by doctors for patients to compete in challenges to quickly lose weight and feel great.

Fitness, nutrition and mindfulness
in one easy-to-follow program.

Fitness programs for all levels.

Designed by doctors to quickly balance blood sugar, build muscle, and burn fat. The 20 minute program uses 5 exercises of 40 second intense bursts for 5 sets. This technique reduces weight-loss resistance. No matter the fitness level or age, FIT 5-40-5 is an amazing tool for regaining health.

Low carbohydrate meal plans.

The FIT 5-40-5 meal plan is based on easy to follow eating habits that help balance blood sugar and hormone levels to reduce stress. There are multiple meal plans that supercharge the metabolism allowing for quick body composition changes.

Mindfulness programs by master instructors.

FIT 5-40-5 uses guided meditation to unlock the potential of the mind and body. This program includes meditation for personal development and lifestyle change.

Your own private at-home wellness platform.

The reason FIT 5-40-5 program works is because it is based on the best available science with respect to biology and body chemistry as it pertains to movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

Start challenges for your community.

At the heart of the platform are challenges that are easy to start and impossible to ignore. Challenges are easy to market to new or existing clients and through gamification provides incentives for all clients to get results.

Upsell products and services from within the platform.

Promote talks, products and services in banners that are visible during instructions from within the web app.

Consistently engage and educate.

Effortlessly nurture existing clients and gain referrals from friends and family to those who want to join.

Track real-time results with the
FIT 5-40-5 intuitive dashboard.

Track progress.

The FIT 5-40-5 Platform provides metrics about your patient’s behavior around fitness, diet and mindfulness.

Engage with challenges.

The platform is fun, simple to use and highly motivational. Your people will love to do this at-home.

Build an active community.

Start with challenges and quickly start to educate and empower the user. A platform made to educate that will sell your products and services.

"FIT 5-40-5 fills a great need in our business for an at-home fitness program that brings together exercise, diet and meditation. My patients love joining the challenges and I love the added revenue."
Dr. Paul Medosa

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