Lead Generation

Turnkey lead generation with The
New Patient Generator.

Join a network of practitioners who utilize the power of video, Facebook Advertising and marketing funnels to build large and scalable healthcare practices. Our product allows you to kick-start your marketing efforts in a step-by-step sequence for a high return on investment.

The benefits of The New
Patient Generator.

Get More Leads with PIFdigital

Consistent Patient Leads

Gain a steady stream of qualified inquiries that can become life-long patients providing continued revenue growth for your practice.

Managed Ad Process

Done-with-you social media advertising program designed to provide scripts, campaigns and leads in an intuitive dashboard.

Return On Investment

Our system provides leads at a fraction of the cost of an average Google Adwords cost per click campaign with high conversion rates.

Generate and manage new leads.

Track & manage all inbound leads.

Start building your practice with lead management services. We manage your marketing so you can run your business and help more people.

Customized notifications
+ text message integration.

Streamline notifications and follow-ups with an all-in-one communication tool.

Our platform gets results.

Benefit from years of experience in acquiring and converting leads into patients that show, stay and refer.

Engaging social media content.

We provide you with the scripts and know-how to create engaging videos that get results.

Geographic exclusivity for your services.

Gain a competitive edge on your competitors with geographic exclusivity based on population or radius from your location.

Build brand presence and domain authority.

Increase your online presence and become a community expert in your field.

"This system has taught me that there are thousands of people in our communities that need our help. These people are frustrated with their health and don't want to hear about medications and prescriptions being the only answer to their issues. In less than 3 months my practice has increased 65%."
Dr. Chris Greenwood

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We are a digital wellness company focused on building large profitable businesses with you as a critical success factor in the health of the world! Multiply the increase in your business, profit, and patient results by tens of thousands of practitioners. 

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