We Pay It Forward

Join us in a community that puts their dollars to work for good. Pay it Forward Digital empowers people to live healthier lives through innovative programs and investing ourselves in charitable work.

Across the Globe, Resources
are in Extreme Demand

Paying resources forward to environmental, social, and service-based initiatives is the driving force behind our company. We believe that natural healthcare can not only lead people to more healthy mentally, physically and spiritually lives, but provide much needed resources to organizations abroad and here in our own backyards.

Trees Can End Poverty

Trees.org trains farmers to regenerate their land through a four year program. This helps farmers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Farmers gain increases in income and access to food, even in the first year, all while improving the environment.

Safe Water Saves Lives

Water.org helps finance water projects. Together with our 160 partners around the world, they’ve helped mobilize $2.5 billion in capital to support small loans that bring access to safe water and sanitation to millions of people in need.

Spinal Treatment For All

World Spine Care brings effective spine care to clinics in 3 countries; Botswana, Dominican Republic, and India, for people who suffer from spinal problems and have no access to treatment.

"Focused purpose with positive intention while working in concert with like minded people, can change the world for the better."
Russ Von Frank
Director of Sales

We're In Business to Improve Lives.

Pay it Forward Digital at its core is about improving practices and the people they serve. To us, no matter where you are from, know that your dollars are at work to help people. Every Pay it Forward Digital purchase enables us to invest in partners and organizations that have environmental, social and health impacts around the globe.

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